Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.
— Randy Pausch

If you've been on an airplane, then you've heard the safety instructions before taking flight. We are all instructed to take care of ourselves before others because if you are unwell, how can you help anyone else? Take the time to do something for you.

  • REST
  • ESCAPE FOR THE WEEKEND - A temporary escape is just what you need sometimes. 
    • Take a hike
    • Visit with friends
    • Go to the movies
  • REACH OUT TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS (TO VISIT YOU) - You need the emotional support because you are in a really tough situation. Unfortunately you can not expect extended family and friends to visit you on their own. It is not shameful to call and ask them to come visit you to support you and your family. 
  • PUZZLE - When was the last time you did a puzzle?  Puzzling helped keep my mind off what was going on in the operating room during surgery (heart surgery is different for everyone and could take up to 5-7 hours or longer).  I also started on a puzzle at home to keep my mind off the stressful situation. The activity helped bring on a calmness and peace in my mind. 
  • READ A BOOK - There are some days you just sit and wait. Immersing yourself in a story, taking your mind elsewhere is a great escape.
  • KNIT - The grandparents of another family we became close to would knit beautiful scarves and blankets. 
  • MEDITATE - Before you start your day, take 10-20 minutes to meditate. There are apps you can download to help you. I've tried Headspace and 1Giant Mind.
  • EXERCISE - There's nothing better to relieve stress than exercising.
  • LAUGH - It's the best medicine.